Culture Forward

What is Culture Forward

Culture Forward is building the new “template’ for finding and funding the creators of the future of African pop culture.

We want to create a new way to bring together unlikely collaborators and the best in class across the creative spectrum for culture-shifting outcomes.

Vision Icon Vision

Making the next big bets on the future of African pop culture & building new capital structures around creative enterprise.

Mission Icon Mission

To build market-relevant models to invest in the next generation of creative superstars and ideas

Goal Icon Goal

  • Create original pathways for providing capital and structure for creatives.
  • Scale the transformative potential of the creative economy for both impact and profit.
  • Create a viable and sizable portfolio of bold original African creatives with global appeal.

Traction & Progress


Fashion & Sustainable design




Storytelling & Mixed Media


Food & Urban Experience

Tapping into the transformative potential of the creative industry to shape African identity, African urban life and Imagination for the next half century.